Hamdard University Karachi

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hamdard university

Hamdard University Karachi

Hamdard University, established in 1991 by philanthropist Hakim Said, spans campuses in Karachi and Islamabad, Pakistan. With a sprawling 350-acre campus, it boasts the Bait-ul-Hikmah central library, a repository of over half a million books, including historical treasures.

Hamdard University Karachi offers diverse faculties, research institutes, teaching hospitals, and engineering institutes. It's recognized by esteemed bodies like HEC, PEC, PMDC, PBC, NTC, and PCP.

Hamdard University's journey began in 1991, with its charter granted by the Sindh Assembly. Its sprawling Madinat al-Hikmah campus includes pioneering institutions, contributing to its diverse academic tapestry.

Expansion led to city campuses in Karachi and beyond, affirming the university's commitment to education and excellence.

Hamdard University's unwavering dedication to knowledge dissemination and research, guided by visionary ideals, shapes the betterment of society.

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Hamdard University, Madinat al-Hikmah Hakim Mohammed Said Road Karachi

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