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ilma university karachi

ILMA University Karachi

ILMA University Karachi is a special place where you can learn many things. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) says it's a good university. It has different subjects like Management, Computer Science, Science, and Design. ILMA University is in Karachi and has a big campus. The campus has many rooms for classes, labs, and more. There's a special place for female students too. It's like an extensive home for learning!

ILMA University started as a small institute. Then, it became a big university in 2017. Mr Noman Abid Lakhani is in charge. He's like the captain of a ship! Teachers at ILMA University are innovative. They teach in a unique way that helps you think and learn better. They make learning fun and exciting!

Many students come to ILMA University to learn. They have access to lots of cool things like research and the internet. ILMA University also helps students find good jobs. ILMA University makes students successful. Graduates get essential jobs in companies and government. More than 5,000 students have done great things after studying here. It's a place where dreams come true!

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Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi

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