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Iqra University Karachi

Let's dive into the exciting world of Iqra University Karachi! This special place is about fantastic education in Karachi, a big city in Pakistan. Their main campus in the Defense Area is an excellent place to learn and grow. But guess what? They also have campuses in Islamabad and Quetta, so kids all over Pakistan can get to know too!

Iqra University Karachi used to be called the Asian Management Institute. Then, it became Iqra University, like a butterfly transforming. This change showed how they wanted to be even better in education. They have a North Campus too, where they're growing and getting even more remarkable.

A brilliant and caring person named Mr Hunaid Lakhani leads Iqra University. He has help from other experts like Mrs Erum Asad, Prof. Dr Wasim Qazi, and Dr Mirza Amin ul Haq. They're like a team of superheroes, ensuring education is super awesome.

Guess what? Iqra University is so good that important people like HEC say they're excellent! They also have friends worldwide, showing their care for top-notch learning and research.

Iqra University loves to spark curiosity and help kids grow in every way. They're known for being great and doing new things in education. They're like a shining stars in Pakistan's schools and even beyond!

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Defence View, Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

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