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ripah international university rawalpindi

Riphah International University, Rawalpindi

The noticeable Riphah International University, which is based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It has made great advancements in the area of higher education since it opened its doors in 2002. The university has proven itself as a major participant in the Pakistani academic sector.
Due to its dedication to academic quality as well as its emphasis on Islamic principles.

Background and Founding of Riphah International University, Rawalpindi

In Pakistan, there is an increasing need for high-quality education, which resulted in the establishment of Riphah International University, Rawalpindi. It was founded by the Islamic International Medical College Trust (IIMCT), an organization without profit whose goal is to advance Islamic-compliant education. Beginning with a focus on medical education, the institution quickly broadened its courses of study. To cover a variety of areas to meet the varied education demands of students.

Islamic principles and moral instruction

Islamic beliefs and moral values are strongly reinforced in students at Riphah International University. This ethics are incorporated into the curriculum, promoting moral awareness and a sense of civic duty among the student body. This innovative method not only gives learners an extensive education but also prepares them to contribute with integrity and accountability to society.

Goals and Mission of Riphah International University

The objective of RIU Rawalpindi is to produce graduates who prosper academically and positively impact society. It attempts to develop an encouraging and welcoming environment for learning that promotes creativity, critical thinking, and social awareness. The university strives to produce individuals who are capable of handling the intricate problems of contemporary society. By combining rigorous academics with a dedication to Islamic values.

Closing Points

The institution continues to have a good influence on society. Through its many educational offerings, dedication to Islamic values, and commitment to ethical teaching. Riphah International University, Rawalpindi sticks to its purpose of producing graduates who are accountable, educated, and morally grounded. The one who can make important contributions to their regions and the global community as it develops and expands.

Departmental Programs Offered at Riphah International University

Various academic departments and faculties are available at Riphah International University, spanning a wide range of subject areas. Which Includes Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences:
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Faculty of Management Sciences:
Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences:
Faculty of Computing and Information Technology:
Faculty of Juridical Sciences
Faculty of Natural Sciences

Contact Information

Office # 4, BIC Building, COMSATS University Islamabad.

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