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abbotabad university of science & technology

Abbottabad University of Science & Technology


Abbottabad University of Science & Technology (AUST) is a public university located in Havelian, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It was established in 2012 and offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a variety of disciplines, including engineering, technology, business studies, social sciences, and natural and biotechnology.

AUST has four faculties:

  • Faculty of Engineering & Technology
  • Faculty of Health & Biomedical Sciences
  • Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Sciences


  • Faculty of Engineering & Technology
    • Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    • Department of Electrical Engineering
    • Department of Mechanical Engineering
    • Department of Civil Engineering
    • Department of Architecture
  • Faculty of Health & Biomedical Sciences
    • Department of Microbiology
    • Department of Medical Lab Technology
    • Department of Pharmacy
    • Department of Biochemistry
  • Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
    • Department of English
    • Department of Economics
    • Department of Management Sciences
    • Department of Psychology
    • Department of Pakistan Studies
  • Faculty of Sciences
    • Department of Chemistry
    • Department of Computer Science
    • Department of Earth Sciences
    • Department of Mathematics
    • Department of Physics
    • Department of Zoology

Academic Programs

AUST offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the following disciplines:

  • Engineering & Technology
  • Health & Biomedical Sciences
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Sciences

Undergraduate Programs

  • BS in Computer Science and Engineering
  • BS in Electrical Engineering
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering
  • BS in Civil Engineering
  • BS in Architecture
  • BS in Pharmacy
  • BS in Microbiology
  • BS in Medical Lab Technology
  • BS in Biochemistry
  • BS in English
  • BS in Economics
  • BS in Management Sciences
  • BS in Psychology
  • BS in Pakistan Studies
  • BS in Chemistry
  • BS in Computer Science
  • BS in Earth Sciences
  • BS in Mathematics
  • BS in Physics
  • BS in Zoology

Postgraduate Programs

  • MS in Computer Science and Engineering
  • MS in Electrical Engineering
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering
  • MS in Civil Engineering
  • MS in Architecture
  • MS in Pharmacy
  • MS in Microbiology
  • MS in Medical Lab Technology
  • MS in Biochemistry
  • MS in English
  • MS in Economics
  • MS in Management Sciences
  • MS in Psychology
  • MS in Pakistan Studies
  • MS in Chemistry
  • MS in Computer Science
  • MS in Earth Sciences
  • MS in Mathematics
  • MS in Physics
  • MS in Zoology
  • MPhil in Computer Science and Engineering
  • MPhil in Electrical Engineering
  • MPhil in Mechanical Engineering
  • MPhil in Civil Engineering
  • MPhil in Architecture
  • MPhil in Pharmacy
  • MPhil in Microbiology
  • MPhil in Medical Lab Technology
  • MPhil in Biochemistry
  • MPhil in English
  • MPhil in Economics
  • MPhil in Management Sciences
  • MPhil in Psychology
  • MPhil in Pakistan Studies
  • MPhil in Chemistry
  • MPhil in Computer Science
  • MPhil in Earth Sciences
  • MPhil in Mathematics
  • MPhil in Physics
  • MPhil in Zoology
  • PhD in Computer Science and Engineering
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering
  • PhD in Civil Engineering
  • PhD in Architecture
  • PhD in Pharmacy
  • PhD in Microbiology
  • PhD in Medical Lab Technology
  • PhD in Biochemistry
  • PhD in English
  • PhD in Economics
  • PhD in Management Sciences
  • PhD in Psychology
  • PhD in Pakistan Studies
  • PhD in Chemistry
  • PhD in Computer Science
  • PhD in Earth Sciences
  • PhD in Mathematics
  • PhD in Physics
  • PhD in Zoology


AUST is committed to research and innovation. The university has established various research centers and institutes, including the following:

  • Advanced Materials Research Center (AMRC)
  • Center of Excellence in Information Technology (CEIT)
  • Center of Excellence in Renewable Energy (CERE)
  • Institute of Management Sciences (IMS)
  • Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (IPS)

AUST researchers are actively engaged in a variety of research projects in collaboration with national and international partners. The university has also received funding from various government agencies and international organizations for its research projects.

Student Life

AUST offers a vibrant student life to its students. The university has a number of student clubs and societies, including sports clubs, cultural clubs, and academic clubs. AUST also organizes various events and activities throughout the year, such as seminars, conferences, workshops, and cultural festivals.


Abbottabad University of Science & Technology is a relatively new university, but it has quickly established itself as a leading institution.

Contact Information

Captain Akaash Rabbani Shaheed Road, Havelian, KPK, Pakistan

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