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GC university hyderabad

Government College University Hyderabad (GC)

Government College University Hyderabad has a long history. It started in 1917 as "Sindh National Arts College Hyderabad," guided by the International Theosophical Society. Dr. Annie Besant and Dr. Ernest Egerton Wood played crucial roles.

Donations and Diwan Dayaram Gidumal's efforts made its founding possible. After India's partition, challenges arose. However, in 1948, it reemerged as "D. G. National Government College Hyderabad," led by Prof. Dr. Adrian Duarte. It expanded its offerings and became Government College Hyderabad, attracting more science students.

In 2017, a significant transformation occurred. The institution became Government College University Hyderabad, under Prof. Dr. Tayyaba Zarif's leadership. It stands as a beacon of academic excellence and community service, with a legacy spanning over a century. This journey is inspiring for all.

  • 1917: Founded as "Sindh National Arts College Hyderabad."
  • Guided By: International Theosophical Society, Dr. Annie Besant, Dr. Ernest Egerton Wood.
  • 1948: Reborn as "D. G. National Government College Hyderabad" under Prof. Dr. Adrian Duarte.
  • Expansion: More offerings, higher science student enrollment
  • 2017: Transformation into (GCUH) under Prof. Dr. Tayyaba Zarif.
  • Legacy: Over a century of academic excellence and community service.

This story teaches us about perseverance, growth, and dedication.

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Kali Mori Rd, Phuleli, Hyderabad

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