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dha suffa university

DHA Suffa University

Have you ever heard about DHA Suffa University? It's like a super cool place to learn, named after a special place called "Suffah" in a mosque. This excellent university is in Phase VII (extension) of the Defence Housing Authority in Karachi.

DHA Suffa University started in 2012, and the government said it was official in 2002. They have many different classes for students to pick, even after they finish high school. You know what's neat? The name "Suffa" comes from a platform of knowledge in a mosque called Al-Masjid an-Nabawi. That's important!

People think DSU is excellent at teaching because the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan says so. They even got unique stamps of approval for their engineering and computer science programs. And they're super good at business programs too!

The government helps DSU make sure everything is going well. They even have a group called the Charter Inspection and Evaluation Committee. DSU also makes friends with universities from all over the world through their International Education Resource Center. They like to learn and share with others. DSU is all about being intelligent, creative, and making friends worldwide. Their journey is about learning amazing things and being a great place to study!

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Ph-VII، DG-78, Off Khayaban-e-Tufail، Ext, Phase 7 Ext Karachi, Karachi

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