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gambat institute of medical sciences

Gambat Institute of Medical Sciences

From 1934 to 1980, a place called Dispensary helped people with their health, but it only had a place for people to visit, not stay. Then, in 1980, it became a Taluka Hospital, which means it was a more prominent place where people could get more medical help. Dr Rahim Bux Bhatti worked hard and cared a lot about the hospital. Because of his efforts, in 1997, the hospital was called a "Model Taluka Hospital."
On September 10th, 2003, a significant person called the Honorable Governor Sindh decided that the Gambat THQ should become the Pir Abdul Qadir Shah Jeelani Institute of Medical Sciences. This made the hospital even more special. In 2005, they decided to improve the hospital by starting a Medical College. The people who work at the hospital and the Director have been working hard for a long time. Because of their efforts, the hospital was upgraded to become a Self Degree Awarding Institute. This means they can give particular degrees to people who learn there. This happened on April 12th, 2011. A big organization recognized the hospital called the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, which means they said the hospital is doing a good job.
The hospital is in Gambat, in the middle of the province. It's on a big road that many cars and trucks use. The hospital helps many people who get hurt in accidents on the road. It's also near other routes and a railway track, so they get patients from different places. The hospital not only takes care of people but also teaches people about medicine. They want to make sure the hospital staff knows how to help people in the best way. They also want to teach the local people about medicine so they can work at the hospital someday. This way, they can always have enough people to help when needed.

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