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institute of industrial electronics engineering

Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering

We need to learn about new things in Pakistan to keep our country strong. New technology and electronics are essential for our industries. We need to know how to use them. There's a place called the Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering (IIEE). It helps us learn about electronics used in industries. Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering (IIEE) started because we needed more engineers who knew about this. In 1985, experts from Switzerland came to Pakistan. They saw that we need engineers who know about electronics in industries.
The Swiss Government and a foundation called Swiss Contact helped make IIEE. IIEE was made in a special place. The government helped build the place. Swiss experts also brought tools and helped us learn. They even sent teachers to help! In 1989, IIEE started teaching. Every year, many students come to learn. They learn how to be sound engineers for industries. Now, more students join every year. IIEE helps students learn important things. They know to work with electronics in industries. This allows our country to grow and be strong. IIEE is here to make our dreams of engineering come true! Ent subjects like Management, Computer Science, Science, and Design.

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