Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology

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Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology

Have you heard about the Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology or KIET? It's like a super cool school that started in 1997. People like it because it's excellent at teaching and learning. They're famous for business, and IT, and even the Higher Education Commission thinks they're fantastic!

KIET became an official degree-giving place in 2000 when the Sindh government said it was okay. They got critical approvals for their computer science and management programs. In 2012, the Higher Education Commission said, "Yep, you're a real university!"

Guess what? KIET was started with the help of the Pakistan Air Force and the Pakistan Educational Foundation. Their first home was at the PAF Korangi Creek Base in 2000. Later, they grew and made more learning places, like the Phase VII (Ext) and City and North campuses.

KIET kept growing! They made unique places to learn management, computer science, engineering, and more. They even have special programs like the Bachelor of Computer Arts. KIET got recognized for being great at what they do, like PEC Accreditation and a six-star ranking from HEC!

KIET's full name is "Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology," but everyone just says KIET. They care about giving the best education and doing excellent research. KIET's journey is about being superior and learning many new things!

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KIET Main Campus Korangi Creek, Karachi 75190 Ph:(9221) 35091114-7 Fax:(9221) 35091118

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