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malir university of science & technology

Malir University of Science and Technology

Malir University of Science & Technology (MU) is like a new chapter in the journey of Zafar & Atia Foundation Charitable Trust. This special trust wants to give really good education to people who live in rural places and might not have access to high-level schools. MU is here to help these people by giving them free education for college.

The people who started Malir University of Science and Technology (MU) want to help those who might not have a lot of money. They know education is important, and they want to give a chance to everyone. Teachers, doctors, and kind people joined hands to make this university.

MU is not just about studying. They want students to have fun too! They made a sports complex for students. They have a swimming pool where students can swim and relax. There's also a tennis court where they can play games and exercise. They even have a cricket ground and a place for table tennis.

So, MU is like a special place that wants to make education available to everyone, even in rural places. They also want students to have a good time and stay active. It's a place where students can learn, play, and grow together.

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Koohi Goth, Deh Landhi, Bin Qasim Town, Karachi ‏

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