Mehran University of Engineering & Technology

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mehran university of engineering & technology

Mehran University of Engineering & Technology

As Pakistan was getting more advanced in farming, making things, and finding resources, it needed more engineers. These intelligent people design and build all the cool stuff around us. To help make Pakistan even better, the Sindh University Engineering College started in 1963. It was like a part of the more extensive University of Sindh. You could find it in Jamshoro, a place by the Indus River. In 1972, a new plan was made for education. The Sindh University Engineering College got a new name: Mehran University of Engineering Jamshoro. This change made it a full-fledged university just for engineering and technology. The university started in Nawabshah but then moved to Jamshoro in 1979. They also started another college in Khairpur Mirs to spread engineering knowledge to more places in Sindh.
Mehran University of Engineering Jamshoro teaches lots of different engineering things. They have classes for people who want to learn about how things work and how to build new things. Students get to work in excellent labs and use computers to learn by doing. For people who want to learn even more, the university offers special courses like Master's and Ph.D. programs. These courses help people become super experts in specific fields of engineering. Mehran University made unique places for learning about energy, the environment, oil and gas, and technology. They even have classes for students to stay, get medical help, and have fun. Ultimately, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology has played a big part in teaching and learning about engineering in Pakistan. It helps create competent experts, push new technology, and strengthen the country. From learning to building, Mehran University is a place of growth and innovation!

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Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro

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