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muhammad medical college and dental college

Muhammad Medical College & Dental College in Mirpurkhas

Muhammad Medical College & Dental College Mirpurkhas (MMC) is located near Mirpurkhas, not far from the city center. It's on a big piece of land owned by Muhammad Foundation Trust. The college has everything students need, like classrooms, labs, libraries, and even hostels for staying.

The college has been growing and improving. They've added more lecture halls for students to learn in. They also built new departments like Forensic Medicine, Community Medicine, and Pathology, which have better labs and places to learn.

Muhammad Medical College & Dental College Mirpurkhas have a special room for watching videos and learning with multimedia. The library is big and can fit many students at once. They even get books from the USA to make sure students have lots to read.

The teachers at Muhammad Medical College are really good. They've added more teachers to help students in different subjects. The college also organizes workshops and seminars to teach students new things.

Every year, they have a special event called the Annual Medical Symposium, where doctors and students from all over the country come to learn and share knowledge. Outside of studying, the college also organizes fun activities like sports, parties, and trips. They care about both learning and having a good time.

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Railway Station Road, Mirpurkhas

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