Rawalpindi Women University

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rawalpindi women university

Rawalpindi Women University

The beloved Rawalpindi Women University (RWU) is an institution of higher learning or university in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. RWU, which was founded in 2017, has distinguished itself as an example of advancement for its dedication to offering high-quality education. Advancing the empowerment of women through academic brilliance. RWU has made it its mission to promote gender equality. Give women in the region entrance to higher education ever since it was founded.

Objectives and Mission of RWU

RWU aims to create an exciting and welcoming learning atmosphere that encourages women to discover their potential and supports gender parity. The goal of the institution is to advance gender equality by providing a wide range of academic courses. Which are specific to the different passions and goals of women.

Gender Activism and Sensitization

RWU differentiates due to its dedication to women empowerment and sensitization: Increasing Consciousness: The university takes an active role in campaigns that raise awareness of problems and concerns related to gender, promoting dialogue and comprehension.

Atmosphere for Services:

Rawalpindi Women University works to provide a welcoming and accepting atmosphere where women may thrive without restrictions, either professionally or personally.

Study and Activism:

RWU has an important impact in the area through advancing equality between men and women and women's rights. Through studies, campaigning, and educational programs.

Educational Departments at Rawalpindi Women University

Department of Humanities: Literature, language, cultural studies, and other related programs are regularly provided by the department of humanities. Students have the option of completing degrees in linguistics, English literature, or Urdu literature.

Department of Social Sciences: The Social Sciences Division includes the study of anthropology, political science, psychology, and sociology. Department of Business and Finance: This section provides courses in economics, business administration, and related subjects.

Department of Education: To help students become teachers and make contributions to the field of education. This department frequently offers courses related to education and teacher preparation.

Department of Women's Studies and Gender Studies: Several universities, particularly those that place a strong emphasis on advancing the status of women, have departments specifically devoted to these subjects. Women's rights, feminism, and gender-related topics are all studied at these levels.


To advance understanding and promote gender parity in society. Rawalpindi Women University promotes intellectual and private progress while influencing the future development of women in Pakistan.

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6th Rd, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab 46300

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