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salim habib university

Salim Habib University Karachi

The Salim Habib Education Foundation (TSHEF) did well in Toba Tek Singh, so they started something new. On May 25, 2015, the government said they could make a university, and that's how the Salim Habib University Karachi began.

This university is in Karachi, and it's called Salim Habib University or SHU for short. They have special programs in things like helping sick people (Biomedical Engineering), studying living things (Biosciences), learning about medicines (Pharmaceutical Sciences), computers (Information Technology), and business (Management Sciences).

The university has modern buildings and great things to help students learn. They want students to become leaders in the future, so they teach them lots of important stuff. But it's not just about books. SHU also wants students to have fun and discover what they're good at. They have many activities outside of classes where students can play, learn, and work in teams.

At SHU, they believe learning happens everywhere. They have events where students talk and learn from each other, and they do interesting research together. They also let students pick what they want to study and do their projects.

When students graduate from SHU, they're ready for the real world. They have all the skills they need to do well in their jobs, be leaders, and help improve the world. SHU wants students to succeed in everything they do and become awesome people!

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NC-24, Deh Dih, Korangi Creek, Karachi

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