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university of karachi

University of Karachi (KU)

Back in 1951, the University of Karachi (KU) began as a special school. It's big, covering 1200 acres of land. It wanted to be the best in education. In 1962, it changed and became the University of Sindh. At first, it helped other colleges with exams. Then, it became a place for teaching and research in 1953. It started with Arts and Science classes to become good.

It started small near the Civil Hospital. But it grew fast, and in 1960, it moved to a more extensive campus on University Road. This significant change helped the university improve at teaching and learning new things.

The University of Karachi (KU) has a rich history with intelligent people like Dr I. H. Qureshi, Dr Mahmud Hussain, and Dr Salemuzzaman Siddiqui. They helped the university become the biggest one in Pakistan. It has eight parts for studying different things and is linked to many city colleges. The Science Faculty is excellent, with 23 sections and important research places.

The university has an extensive library with lots of books and papers. It even has a collection of Quaid-i-Azam's books! There's also a Science Centre that gives the university digital tools and tech skills.

In 1995, the university started classes in the evening for people who work during the day. It also added a four-year degree program, like other good schools worldwide.

Right now, the University of Karachi is getting even better. It's changing subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science. It's building places to live, gardens, and places for research. This shows it cares about learning and growing in every way.

With the support of the Higher Education Commission and the Chancellor, the University of Karachi is set to make a big difference in the country. It wants to be an excellent place for learning and new ideas, now and in the future.

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