Ziauddin University Karachi

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ziauddin university karachi

Ziauddin University Karachi

Ziauddin University Karachi is a cool school that was made to remember a really smart and important person named Sir, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad. He was good at many things, like math and thinking about important stuff. The university wants to spread good education to Muslim people in the area, just like he wanted.
The Ziauddin Group started with a special place for moms to have babies and grew into a big group with hospitals and other stuff. The school part of the group, Ziauddin University, started with a nursing school in 1986 and got bigger as time passed. In 2005, Ziauddin University Karachi officially became a university with the name "Ziauddin University." They have lots of different things to learn there. You can study things like Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, and more. They even have programs for law and business! Ziauddin University wants to do two important things: teach people well and help the community. They want their students to be really smart and also kind and caring. They teach about health and science and want to make the world better. It's a special place for learning and helping others!

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Block-B, North Nazimabad, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

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